Meet our Founder

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni

Patients ask me all the time…. How did you get into this kind of medicine?

It’s simple, really. I wanted to ACTUALLY to get to know people, help them become healthy again, and enable them to get back to being their best selves and doing those things they love. You can read the long story here....

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni
Store Partner, Whole Foods Market

Education + Experience + Passion

places Dr. Bongiovanni
at the top of the professional chain in
Wholistic/Functional/Naturopathic Medicine.

As Featured In

Prevention Magazine Life Extension Shape Magazine Natural Health Magazine Family Circle Magazine
Alternative Medicine Review Whole Foods Market Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies Publix

I have been studying the brain, psychology, and clinical neuroscience since my undergraduate years studying Biology and Genetics at the University of Richmond…for over 25 years.

Dr. Bongiovanni is an accomplished Naturopathic Physician with an extraordinary background.

His current practice serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan area and Southeastern U.S. with top quality wholistic medical and wellness care. As the founder of Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta (WMSOA), Dr. Bongiovanni knew from a young age that he wanted to care for people and help them to get well again. He was also always drawn to medical science and yet did not want to abandon the human side of medicine. This is how he decided to found WMSOA.

What separates Dr. Bongiovanni from other “wellness” doctors?

  1. The best educated and trained Naturopathic Doctor in Georgia
  2. Experience working/training alongside renowned Medical Doctors
  3. Postdoc clinical laboratory expertise from 3 years as clinical lab specialist for a functional medicine laboratory
  4. Official Store Partner for Whole Foods Market, Alpharetta and Johns Creek, GA stores
  5. Scientific Advisory Board member to companies in the HPA (stress) Axis space
  6. Voted Best Holistic Practitioner in Alpharetta – 2013, 2014
  7. Published author of 3 peer-reviewed medical articles
  8. Speaker at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Northeastern University, Bastyr University, Lotus Corporation, National Arthritis Foundation, Nortel, GTE
  9. Book & Magazine Contributions to Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies, Natural Health, Prevention, Shape, Family Circle, and Publix Healthwise

Dr. Bongiovanni as a Featured Speaker at Harvard on Nutritional Psychiatry