Our Process

We know some of you might be asking, how does this all work? We understand you’re ready to be healthy and start LIVING again, and we’re ready to help. Let us explain that we:

  • Listen and ask the right questions
  • Focus on the ROOT CAUSES, not the symptoms
  • Use safe, natural, non-toxic therapies first
  • Personalize your treatment based on your individual lab tests
  • Combine systems thinking, complex neurobiology, and state of the art science in natural medicine
  • Convey a caring, relational bedside manner

Using the Power of Personalized Medicine, Modern Neuroscience and Nutritional Psychiatry to Overcome
Disorders of Stress

Patients typically present with a complex collection of compartmentalized symptoms. The task at hand is to develop an understanding of the illness process (dietary, nutritional, hormonal, environmental, genetic, biological, social, etc.) involved and identify those points requiring intervention.

This is a functional medicine, systems-based approach.

Disease is multifactorial and its treatment must be multifactorial and personalized as well. Not all patients are equal, nor should be treated identically based on symptoms alone, per the conventional medical route.

How is this then accomplished for EACH patient? Our approach involves the following systematic method:

  1. Comprehensive Review: Physical & Mental/Emotional Medical History
    • Designed to elicit and understand each patient’s unique story and symptom development
  2. Test, Don’t Guess: Thorough Laboratory/Biologic Assessment
    • Includes basic laboratory workup such as complete blood count, cholesterol, and thyroid function in addition to a more holistic laboratory evaluations designed to pinpoint YOUR root causes
  3. Benchmark: Data-driven healthcare
    • Based on clinically validated inventories and scales, as well as individualized biomarkers which permit for the individualized understanding of where each patient’s unique biochemistry currently resides, this then GUIDE your personalized treatment recommendations. Then, we can monitor and know whether we have moved the needle.
  4. Partner: Motivate, Support and Help Accountability
    • We work together for YOU. We identify and set goals, then provide the support structure necessary to help you be successful.
  5. Personalize & Implement
    • We personalize and implement evidence-based natural interventions guided from evaluating your individual biomarkers/imbalances.
  6. Monitor, Refine & Support
    • We support and provide accountability to make the necessary changes that will help you feel and live a healthy life again, including diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise, stress management, sleep and more.