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Education + Experience + Passion

places our whole team
at the top of the professional chain in
WELLNESS-FIRST Functional & Naturopathic Medicine.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni
Founder, Dr. Brad Bongiovanni

Patients ask me all the time…. How did you get into this kind of medicine?

It’s simple, really. I wanted to ACTUALLY to get to know people, help them become healthy again, and enable them to get back to being their best selves and doing those things they love. You can read the long story here….

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni
Store Partner, Whole Foods Market

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni on NBC Baton Rouge - Nutritional PsychiatryDr. Brad Bongiovanni on NBC Baton Rouge – Nutritional Psychiatry
Dr. Brad Bongiovanni on FOX New Mexico - Nutritional PshychiatryDr. Brad Bongiovanni on FOX New Mexico – Nutritional Pshychiatry
Dr. Brad Bongiovanni on NBC New Mexico - Nutritional PshychiatryDr. Brad Bongiovanni on NBC New Mexico – Nutritional Pshychiatry
Dr. Brad Bongiovanni on ABC at Good Morning Reno - Talking Nutritional Pshychiatry!Dr. Brad Bongiovanni on ABC at Good Morning Reno – Talking Nutritional Pshychiatry!
Dr. Brad Bongiovanni speaking at the ICNM 2017: HPA Axis and the Mindfulnes Revolution.Dr. Brad Bongiovanni speaking at the ICNM 2017: HPA Axis and the Mindfulnes Revolution.
Dr. Brad Bongiovanni at Harvard - Invited Speaker on Nutritional PshychiatryDr. Brad Bongiovanni at Harvard – Invited Speaker on Nutritional Pshychiatry

Dr. Tracy McAlvanah

Dr. Tracy McAlvanah Part-time, Clinical Director

Dr. Tracy McAlvanah is a certified Functional Medicine Specialist who has been practicing natural healthcare in the Atlanta area for over fifteen years.
For most of her clinical career, she’s worked in Integrated Medicine (combining the best of both traditional and natural medicine). She spent almost eight years working at one of the leading centers for natural medicine in the Southeast where she gained much experience working with patients with chronic health challenges.

Dr. McAlvanah has advanced training in Functional Medicine through the Kalish Institute. Prior to her career in health care, Dr. McAlvanah spent almost a decade working as a human resource consultant for Hewitt Associates, a consulting firm to many of the Fortune 500 companies. After experiencing some health problems, a co-worker suggested she visit her holistic chiropractor. This experience changed her life so dramatically, she decided to quit her corporate job, pursue a career in natural medicine and help as many people as possible just as she had been helped.

Dr. McAlvanah has a wonderful and funny husband, enjoys raising two amazing kids and one crazy cute English Springer Spaniel. Her faith is the center of her life and guides all that she does. She loves doing anything outdoors and during her time off she is happiest at the beach.

Rebecca Fallon

Rebecca Fallon Lead Health Coach

Rebecca’s mission at WMSOA is to inspire and equip others with tools of wellness by partnering for success as a health coach and health resource. Originally pursuing a degree in nursing, Rebecca became disheartened by the over reliance on prescription medications in lieu of actual health transformation. Drawn to functional medicine with it’s focus on treating the whole person and addressing root causes, Rebecca sought training with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Now as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Rebecca integrates the art of coaching with the principles of Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Positive Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine. Her joy is working with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. In her spare time, Rebecca indulges her passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, often recruiting one of her 3 kids to be sous chef or at least dishwasher.

Leah Belgard

Leah Belgard Neurofeedback Specialist

Leah Belgard is our Neurofeedback Specialist. Leah has been a neurotherapist, or “brain coach” for four years, but has been fascinated by brains for her entire life. As a child, she continuously mused at the differences between what we call the brain, and the perceptions that make up the mind. When she’s not deciphering brain wave patterns to explain (and then change) related functions, she can be found outside hiking GA’s gorgeous mountains, or inside tending to her mini zoo of rescue pets. She’s nursed abandoned, 3 week-old kittens back from the brink, and rehabilitated abused dogs. Whether she’s in the office, or at home, she likes her life to have purpose. And in the case of both people and pets, she wants everyone to know that the bad experiences of your past, don’t have to condemn your future.

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Top 10 Reasons Our Practice Goes Beyond Other “Wellness” Practices?

  • Our secret sauce is helping you IMPLEMENT wellness via our curriculum style approach focused on coaching and mentoring you.
  • The best educated and trained Wellness and Functional Medicine Specialists in Georgia
  • Experience working/training alongside renowned Medical Doctors to give you a truly integrative perspective
  • Expertise in clinical laboratory medicine from a postdoc clinical laboratory position at a functional medicine laboratory
  • Exclusive Store Partner for Whole Foods – Entire Metro Atlanta Region
  • Scientific Advisory Board member to companies in the Stress (HPA) Axis space
  • Voted Top Patient-Rated Holistic Practice in Atlanta – 2018
  • Author of 3 peer-reviewed published medical articles
  • Speaker at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Northeastern University, Bastyr University, Lotus Corporation, National Arthritis Foundation, Nortel, GTE
  • Book & Magazine Contributions to Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies, Natural Health, Prevention, Shape, Family Circle, and Publix Healthwise