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Our process

We know some of you might be asking, how does this all work? We understand you’re ready to achieve wellness now, and start LIVING a long life in healthy body, and we’re ready to help.

3 Easy Steps

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    Learn our process

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    Schedule a consultation

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    Receive your personalized wellness plan

Learn About Our Unique Model in 2 Steps:

  1. Watch one of the video options below
  2. Complete and submit your online quiz

What we do is SO effective because we do things differently. We recognize people want to better understand HOW we transform peoples lives, and that some people learn and consume information differently, so here are 3 options to explore below.

We have a proven system over 20+ years and it starts with YOU learning about what we do and how we do it together. We require this understanding before we sit down for a formal consultation and here’s why:

  • We believe in transparency and having patients educated about our process BEFORE we ask them for any commitment to themselves and their health
  • We believe there should be no surprises when we decide to work together
  • We believe this allows you plenty of due diligence to research us, look at our reviews, view our patients’ success stories, take inventory of your personal motivation and resources to get started living an active life with a healthy body
  • We understand our practice is not for everyone, so we are looking to accept members into our practice who are ready, willing, and able to move their health and their life onto a whole new road to REAL world wellness.

2 Video Choices

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Now that you’ve educated yourself on our unique model, you are eligible for a Wellness Consultation with our team to see if we can help YOU achieve a lifelong transformation in your own health! Your next step is to click the QUIZ LINK below, complete the short form, and our team will contact you to get you scheduled for your Wellness Consultation with our amazing team.

WMSOA pre-consultation quiz

This is a functional medicine, WELLNESS FIRST-based approach.

Lifestyle IS the medicine and YOU are the investment

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