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Services Offered

We specialize in wellness implementation like you’ve never seen, even from other naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, and other health coaches and advocates.

We accomplish this via our extensive experience and educational background, together with our scientifically-proven wellness pillars, all while keeping your support highly personalized and targeted to you via state-of-the-art diagnostic assessments. In this way, guesswork is removed, time is saved, and money is well-invested.

Every patient is unique, so their wellness must be too!

We offer 2 Styles of Wellness Support

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Natural, personalized wellness training to gain and preserve quality of health.
Use of science-based, lifestyle medicine rather than disease management.

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3 month wellness curriculum

For simple cases, 0-1 health challenges of short duration, where quick resolution is anticipated or where the 6 pillars of wellness can be learned and implemented to continue feeling good now, with the expectations of a long life with a healthy body.

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6 month wellness curriculum

For chronic disease cases, 1+ health challenges of medium to long term duration, where it will require in depth education and course correction along the way to achieve wellness mastery in everyday life.

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12 month wellness curriculum

For extensive & complicated cases, multiple and serious health challenges of significant duration, where healing and wellness promotion will require phases of stabilization and putting the pieces together coherently to recover wellness and sustain it for a lifetime.

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Health Coach-supervised

Small and digestible wellness training.
Prioritize core pillars for a healthy life with an experienced health coach.

These curriculum programs are an experience unlike anything else you’ve done before. Over the course of your program, we are going to walk through a process designed to help repair your gut and liver, teach you how to feed your body with the right kinds of nutrition for optimal health, and set you up for a lifestyle centered on wellness. Along the way, we are going to work with you to ensure your success and provide you with the tools needed to complete your program.

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30 day wellness curriculum

For guidance on implementation of healthy eating, breathing, restoring your gut function, understanding and demystifying detoxificating your body from our toxic world, finishing with a smooth exit as you complete your 30 day health transformation.

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60 day wellness curriculum

For focus on everything in the 30 day program, with the added benefit of information on cholesterol myths, adopting a healthy mindset, emphasis on clean eating, how to think about antibiotics, flu vaccine facts, and how to safely ramp up exercise as you finish and exit your 60 day transformation.

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