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Welcome to the Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Reset

The exact blueprint to finally lose weight and keep it off..
not by counting calories and MORE exercise,
but by finding and elimination inflammation so you can end pain, fatigue and weight loss resistance once and for all

Dr. B

It’s time to take the mystery
out of those stubborn little pounds.

You’ve got coffee in one hand, phone in the other, and a bed head in the morning light. You’re scrolling through old photos reliving the best version of you. You’re in GAME-ON-mode to get results ASAP before the belly fat Gods bury your motivation forever.

So, 45 minutes later, you’re finally finishing the rabbit hole you went down trying to find family-friendly recipes, researching KETO, facebook sharing why your last doctors appt was a total waste of time, and at THIS point you’ve fiddled around for so long that you’re crosseyed and want to just go take a nap and try again tomorrow. It’s too hard. I’ve tried it all before. No carb, low carb, Atkins, South Beach, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig….CALGON, take me away!

That sense of peace from finally knowing not only are you on the right track, but you’re actually SEEING results…is what you’re hoping for, that maybe you think it CAN work for you, not just your skinny friends, and then….CRAP, what if it doesn’t work for me at all?! You decide to put your goals, hopes and dreams down… the morning is gone, your brain is drained, and that bed head is even worse than it was before.

Fast forward 12 hours and you’ll be hitting pause on your fave shows so you can go grab a snack, because you deserve a treat, right? Today was hard…Is that “the life” you’re “dreaming” of??


What if we made eating and living a healthy lifestyle FUN for you?

You know, like it was when you tried something new as a kid….with no pressure to be perfect, where the only objective was to enjoy the ride. Yes, I haven’t lost my marbles. Eat and living healthfully can make you feel so good, that YOU WILL have fun again…in those new, cute outfits, the way your man (or woman) looks at you, the way strangers are looking at you (*wink), and enjoying social time with those you love….because you’re feeling GOOD INSIDE (and looking good outside too)!

  • A scale that you can be friends with again! Whether you use the scale or your clothes fitting right, you’ll feel happy and confident again and you’ll be able to prove it! Your scale and clothes WON’T lie!
  • It’ll feel a little like waking up in the morning with someone else’s body. No more aches, no more dragging yourself out of bed, no more bags under those eyes when you first glance at the mirror on your way to potty…and you’ll feel so good not to creak and crack as you walk around getting your new bada** self ready for the day.
  • Shoot…your doctor may not even recognize you at your next appt, and you can ENJOY the expression on their face when you relay your new, anti-inflamed diet and lifestyle regimen.
  • Perhaps best of all (?)…you’ll be putting the oxygen mask on FIRST, like you’re supposed to, so YOU CAN BE THERE FOR THOSE YOU LOVE, and that depend on you. Taking care of yourself is crucial if you want to be there for others. Duh!

Sound Amazing? Then Keep Going…

The Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Reset is your step by step blueprint to uncover and eliminate hidden, yet chronic sources of inflammation … all in a 30 or 60 day, self-paced course.

In 20+ years, I’ve guided more than 10,000 patients to implement and experience the ultimate anti-inflammatory lifestyle that allowed to feel their best NOW, while simultaneously setting them up to feel great for the remainder of their life by just continuing the sustainable habits of a FUN and healthy life.

The best part? I’m now able to release the step-by-step system I used to get them all there… to you. And in the comfort of your own home!


“This program is SO much more than a diet. I learned a great deal about food, health, hormones, exercise, toxins and our bodies. I lost 15 lbs while eating whole, delicious foods and was NEVER hungry. My gut is healed and the detox has helped balance my hormones. This program has changed my life and is well worth the money, time and effort.”

Pam Wheelock

Pam Wheelock

Here’s what you’ll do inside the anti-inflammatory reset
so you can start shedding pounds and dress sizes and feeling great in your body again!


Upon enrolling, get instant access to the your step by step plan! You’ll start with prepping, so grab a final glass of wine and get ready to rock the strategies I’ve been teaching for 20 + years!


Fast forward 30 days, and be able to show off your new bod, your new outfits, and really…the new YOU! You can leave water retention, pain, and fatigue in the dust, as you master the art of living the Anti-Inflammatory Life!

woman using laptop

I’ve been here teaching this to thousands of people over 20 years in my brick and mortar office, but being able to share the step by step system for anyone in America with access to a computer, and growing a motivated tribe of great feeling thrivers and guide you every step of the way…That’s my thing.

30 day Anti-Inflammatory Curriculum

For guidance on implementation of healthy eating, breathing, restoring your gut function, understanding and demystifying detoxificating your body from our toxic world, finishing with a smooth exit as you complete your 30 day health transformation.

60 day Anti-Inflammatory Curriculum

For focus on everything in the 30 day program, with the added benefit of information on cholesterol myths, adopting a healthy mindset, emphasis on clean eating, how to think about antibiotics, flu vaccine facts, and how to safely ramp up exercise as you finish and exit your 60 day transformation.

teacher and class




SOUNDS AMAZING!So how much is the investment?

The Anti-Inflammatory Reset is a step by step, health coach guided course built to help anyone looking to finally uncover and eliminate their inflammation, so they can lose weight, end pain, and feel great inside their own body. I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing something as big as their health and well-being, no matter what stage of you’re in, from beginners with a dream to more experienced and informed peeps who might know the deal, but haven’t yet had a step by system that was led by a health coach to guide them to success!



60 day RESET

BEST VALUE1 payment of $1122 (25% off)


Or 3 PAYMENTS OF $499.00


30 day RESET

BEST VALUE1 payment of $749 (25% off)


Or 2 payments of $499.50



No worries! This whole course is step by step, week by week, but you’ll have access for life! Why? Because we want this is the beginning of a whole new you, which will take some time, to implement as you go, to listen as many times as you need! Everyone’s anti-inflammatory reset may look a little different and that’s the attraction of it.
Each week, we will release a module to view in the comfort of your home or office! There will be easy, friendly and fun videos, along with downloadable guides and resources, as well as regular contact and coaching from your assigned coach! Yes, you will speak to a real human coach with experience guiding people through this Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle Reset! We got you!
While everyone is different with different genetics, hormones, microbiomes, etc…we will confident that you will shed weight and/or dress sizes, feel less pain in your body, have more energy, sleep more restfully, and last but NOT LEAST, you will be an educated and informed Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyler positioned to continue to maintain all your benefits gained as well as set up to lead a very long life in a healthy body.
Hey no worries there either. You have the educational modules intentionally set up to avoid overwhelm by releasing every week, one at a time, so you can focus right on the week in front of you. And you’ll have your coach! Your will set up regular calls with your coach along your 30 or 60 day journey, so you can receive tailored and individualized support. You will have access to your modules for life, so you can also always return to them to reinforce all that you’ve learned for as long as you want!

Dr Patel seated

And here’s a little more about who I am…

I’m Dr. Shama Patel… I live in Johns Creek, GA and oversee a private natural medicine practice where I help patients uncover the root causes of their chronic health conditions and teach them how to implement lifestyle medicine to reverse, maintain, and sustain their most optimal version of their bodies, health and life.

But while being a doctor is what I do, empowering people to take back control of their health and to truly live in alignment with their authentic self is my passion.

And, when I am not seeing patients, I enjoy being silly and dancing around the living room with my son, connecting with our extended family via video chat, hanging out with my hubs or cultivating more experience in meditation, yoga, and energy medicine. You may even find me sitting out on the grass somewhere taking in nature!”