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Anxiety impacts over 18% of the United States, and can be a particularly difficult symptom to address due to the myriad of different issues that result in anxious symptoms. Although widely considered a mental issue, anxious symptoms are known to have roots outside of the brain. Hormonal conditions affect anxiety. Gastrointestinal issues affect anxiety. Autoimmune and chronic illnesses can affect anxiety. Vitamin, mineral, and nutrient deficiencies can affect anxiety. Anxiety is a multifaceted issue, affected by a variety of body systems.

At Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta (Nova Clinic), we take a root cause approach to wellness. We don’t address your symptoms in a vacuum. We start by doing real testing, of both your brain and body, to determine the causes we’re actually dealing with, not just the symptoms.

computer graphics showing brain against the background of cosmos

Today I want you to know that there’s another way. Medications and therapy can be crucial tools in someone’s health, but there are many different kinds. And their effectiveness depends on how accurately they are matched to the root cause of the issues. The last time you went to see a counselor or a psychiatrist, did they look at your hormone levels or gut health? Did they check you for nutrient, mineral or vitamin deficiencies? “No,” you’re probably thinking, “Why would they?”

Did you know? You have over 100 million neurons “brain cells” in your GI tract? These neurons are connected in what’s known as the Enteric Nervous System and it acts a lot like the Central Nervous System that you’re probably more familiar with. You probably know that mood and attention issues are controlled by your brain’s ability to produce neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, but did you know that the majority of those neurotransmitters in your body are produced by the Enteric Nervous System and the effectiveness of that system depends on your gut health? So if I know there are attention and mood issues in the brain, I know we need to evaluate what’s going on in the gut, in order to really improve the issues.

Using individualized protocols in addition to individualized lifestyle medicine approaches allows us to address your issues directly, as opposed to treating you broadly based on just your diagnosis. We don’t want to guess. We want to know. So come in today so we can get started finding and addressing the root cause of your issues, instead of wasting time only suppressing symptoms.