Our Process

We know some of you might be asking, how does this all work? We understand you’re ready to be healthy and start LIVING again, and we’re ready to help. Let us explain that we:

  • Listen and ask the right questions
  • Focus on the ROOT CAUSES, not the symptoms
  • Use safe, natural, non-toxic therapies first
  • Personalize your treatment based on your individual lab tests
  • Combine systems thinking, complex neurobiology, and state of the art science in natural medicine
  • Convey a caring, relational bedside manner

Using the Power of Personalized Medicine, Modern Neuroscience and Nutritional Psychiatry to Overcome
Disorders of Stress

Patients typically present with a complex collection of compartmentalized symptoms. The task at hand is to develop an understanding of the illness process (dietary, nutritional, hormonal, environmental, genetic, biological, social, etc.) involved and identify those points requiring intervention.

This is a functional medicine, systems-based approach.

WHO are we, WHAT we do, & what we TREAT!


Why the US healthcare system is failing you, why your insurance doesn't accept us, how we are different, and why we use coaches to help you regain your health independence!


WHICH PATIENTS we can help, what the 1st step looks like, your program investment, our 3 golden rules, and how we define patient success!


BONUS Video covers all your Frequently ASKED QUESTIONS! (such as what tests do y'all do, does this replace my existing primary care doctor?, can you write prescriptions?, do you perform physical exams?, what other cool services do you offer there?)



Now that you’ve watched ALL the videos, you are eligible for a Lifestyle Medicine Wellness Evaluation to see if we can help YOU achieve a lifelong transformation in your own health! Please click and download the questionnaire below, complete the answers, and return it to our office to finalize your eligibility for a Wellness Curriculum Evaluation with our amazing team.