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Naturopathic Autoimmune Disease Treatments

If you are suffering from autoimmune-related symptoms, Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta (WMSOA) can help. Our doctor, Dr. Bradley Bongiovanni and Dr. Shama Patel, are accomplished, fully credentialed Naturopathic physicians with a special focus on treating autoimmune and fatigue disorders.They and the staff at our alternative medical practice recognize that all autoimmune disorders are not created equally and that the symptoms of immune imbalance may be caused by any number of factors. Instead of simply treating the symptoms with a one-size-fits-all treatment, Dr. Bongiovanni and Dr. Patel comprehensively review each case to look for the underlying cause of the symptoms. They are then able to prescribe a customized treatment plan that is tailored to fit your unique biochemistry.

Tailored Autoimmune Treatments

If you live in Alpharetta or the greater Atlanta metropolitan area and are looking for relief from the symptoms of an autoimmune condition, you can trust Dr. Bongiovanni and Dr. Patel and the caring staff at WMSOA. The majority of symptoms you experience routinely are related to an imbalance of more than just immune antibodies. Imbalances exist as either excesses or deficiencies of nutrients, food sensitivities, inflammation, chronic stress, hidden gut infections and/or poor gut health and more that trigger the immune imbalance. Using innovative laboratory assessments, Dr. Bongiovanni and Dr. Patel are able to directly discover and measure the underlying factors causing your autoimmune imbalance. They then use this important information to guide which treatments are selected to restore the total immune and hormone balance in your body.

Our treatment plans are tailored to each individual patient and include closely examining and discussing ways to improve your diet, gluten sensitivity, nutritional status and stress management, and to ensure good sleep habits. By factoring in each of these important things, we can help you get relief from your symptoms of autoimmunity, thereby improving your overall health and quality of life.

Effective Autoimmune Treatment

For state-of-the-art, wholistic autoimmune treatments near Atlanta, GA, turn to the experts at our naturopathic medical practice. Autoimmune disease can have a devastating effect on individuals and families. You do not have to continue to suffer. Using only safe, natural, non-toxic therapies that are proven effective, we are able to help patients who suffer from Autoimmune disease get relief from their symptoms and achieve a higher, more balanced state of health. Please contact our Alpharetta Autoimmune Symptoms Experts today to schedule an appointment.

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