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Depression Symptoms – Marietta GA

Depression and depression symptoms are different for each and every one of us. These depression symptoms may range from mild sleep disturbances and changes in appetite to more severe feelings of loss, anxiety and overwhelming sadness.

No matter what your symptoms are, if you are in Marietta GA, help is close by. The naturopathic doctors at Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta can assist you in determining the cause of your depression and help you restore your natural balance so that you will be back to your ‘old self’ in no time at all!

Thorough Depression Treatment

One of the key differences in treating depression from a naturopathy perspective is recognizing that all depression is not created equally. Our naturopathic doctor recognizes that depression may be caused from a number of different things and that depression treatment must be designed specifically for that person. There is no such thing as a one size fits all depression treatment plan when you visit our naturopathic doctors that serve the Kennesaw area.

No matter what the cause of your depression, you will be thoroughly assessed and an interview taken. You will be listened to, and labs will be evaluated to determine the imbalance. Only after all of this has been done can the naturopathic doctors develop a true depression treatment plan and help return you to a normal state.

Tailored Natural Treatments for Depression

One of the natural treatments for depression may involve regulating your hormone levels. While hormone therapy sounds very scary, when used correctly, it is a safe, effective natural way to treat depression. Hormone therapy also does not necessarily mean taking artificial hormones. Our naturopathic doctor can determine what course of action is best for you. There are many times in your life when your hormones change and that change could lead to depression. These times are called ‘high hormone’ times and include puberty, pregnancy, immediately before a menstrual cycle and peri and post menopause.

If you live in the East Cobb area, we will evaluate your hormone levels and determine a natural treatment appropriate for your depression. Contact our Marietta Depression Symptoms Treatment Experts at Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta to schedule a consultation and regain the happiness in your life.