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Lifestyle Medicine

At Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta, we recognize that chronic illness is an effect, not a cause. In other words, it is not the disease itself that kills, but the underlying lifestyle habits that cause these chronic diseases in the first place. Dr. Bongiovanni and Dr. Patel are experienced and highly regarded specialists in functional and lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine is a foundational approach to not only treating but preventing many types of chronic diseases. It acknowledges the scientific evidence that reveals how our body responds to specific lifestyle choices and how those lifestyle habits play a role in the development of illness and disease. Lifestyle medicine considers sleep and eating habits as well as physical activity, stress management and more.

Many Diseases are Effects of Poor Lifestyle Choices!

According to the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, chronic disease is responsible for 70 to 80 percent of all healthcare expenditure. While modern medicine aims to treat these diseases with pills or injections, lifestyle medicine is dedicated to addressing the underlying cause. In this way, patients can find a more long-term solution to their illness as well as improved quality of life. Dr. Bongiovanni and Dr. Patel welcome the opportunity to educate patients on the ways that lifestyle intervention can reverse their illness and prevent chronic disease. It is an empowering field of medicine that spans all ages and genders.

Lifestyle Medicine is revolutionizing the practice of medicine. Patient prescriptions may include making changes in exercise, nutrition, stress management and other lifestyle habits. Using a comprehensive consultation, detailed medical evaluation and advanced laboratory testing, Dr. Bongiovanni and Dr. Patel are able to accurately define the specific lifestyle factors that need adjustment for each patient. Instead of pills, we can offer nutritional supplements, health/wellness coaching and much more.

When choosing Dr. Bongiovanni and Dr. Patel for lifestyle medicine, you can trust that your health and well-being are in good hands. In fact, Dr. Bongiovanni is one of the most trained and experienced specialists in his field. He is a fully trained naturopathic doctor who has also studied alongside medical doctors and gained experience under renowned doctors of integrative medicine. At Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta, patients gain unrivaled benefits from his cumulative education, training and experience.

To learn more about how a lifestyle medicine doctor can help you, contact our Alpharetta office today. We offer special packages for discounted savings.