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What to Expect

  • Interaction with HUMAN beings (not giant voicemail systems)
  • Little to NO waiting
  • Guidance, accountability, and support
  • A personalized PLAN focused on dealing with the ROOT CAUSES
  • More energy, better mood, increased focus, more restful sleep, and less aches/pains
  • The refreshing experience of having a doctor who cares and listens
  • Getting back to enjoying your life again, and being your BEST self

Managing your health is a lifelong pursuit. Here at WMSOA, we serve as your trusted medical and wellness advisors and health resources, ready to help you along the way.

Because we serve a smaller group of patients, we have the luxury of time and energy (ie, less burnout). Because we have more time, energy and focus, we can serve you and your healthcare needs BETTER, and get you back to being your BEST self again.

We also take this a step further, focusing on giving you highly personalized care, and using advanced technologies that emphasize disease reversal and prevention.

As a patient in our practice, you’ll receive the best in personalized care, with a special emphasis on overall wellness and prevention to ensure you stay your healthiest. You’ll receive more quality time with Dr. Bongiovanni, and a more humanistic aspect of care, from real people, without long wait times before or during your appointment.


The care that we provide in our office is customized for each person. We put all this together for you during your initial consultation with us. Our patients experience tremendous success with our comprehensive, root cause-centered approach, together with commitment and accountability, as well as other extended resources. Managing your health is a lifelong pursuit, so we also have a maintenance option for those interesting in continuing with us that goes beyond the completion of their special package.

Because we serve a smaller group of patients, we have the luxury of time and energy (ie, less burnout). Because we have more time, energy and focus, we can serve you and your healthcare needs BETTER, and get you back to being your BEST self again.

Our practice is comprised of diverse patients of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and economic backgrounds. We make sure we have payment options in place to keep our programs affordable.

Package Discounts

We also offer special packages which allow for discounted savings. You can learn more during your first meeting with us.

Support and accountability are the cornerstones of making significant and sustainable changes in your health and well-being. These packages combine the accountability of monthly sessions over 6-12 months, with the heart of personalizing your diet, ensuring your stress response axis is fine-tuned, and your nutritional, hormonal and neurochemical status are optimized.

Our packages leaves no stone unturned in our quest to uncover the ROOT causes of your lack of well-being, coupled with options for the support of a personal nutritionist, mindfulness APP subscription, and a data-driven benchmarking approach to monitor and track your progress in real-time and over the course of your program.

I have seen a significant improvement in my health since I started seeing Dr. Bongiovanni. I had several health issues/symptoms (including severe fatigue and brain fog) that my other doctors could not seem to diagnose or resolve. Within two months of seeing Dr. Bongiovanni, I was no longer fatigued or mentally foggy and all of my physical symptoms had, for the most part, been resolved. It has been over six months since my first visit and I feel like I have my health back!

Shelly S

New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms are for those ready to establish themselves as patients with our practice. Please download, print, and fill out AHEAD of time, then bring it all and any pertinent medical records, medications, supplements and lab test results with you to your 1st official appointment!

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Preparing for your Wellness Evaluation

Due 48 hours in advance of a patient’s appointment.

For all initial Wellness Evaluations with Dr. B, the patient’s spouse or significant other must attend the appointment.

If a patient is more than 15 minutes late for their appointment, it will be rescheduled. If you decide not to reschedule, there will be no refunds given.

If paperwork not received within 48 hours and/or the spouse cannot come to the appointment, and/or the patient is late for their scheduled appointment, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is dictated by the carriers themselves in the state of Georgia; they have chosen not to offer reimbursement or coverage for our services. Our practice is structured as a fee-for-service practice, and we do accept all traditional forms of payment. If you have an FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account), all of our services including laboratory tests and supplements are ELIGIBLE expenses! Read one of our most popular blog posts for more insight, Do you have health insurance or DISEASE insurance?

Financial Policy

We believe our services are a great value, given we are removing the guesswork and helping you achieve your goals in a highly personalized and targeted fashion. If you’re already spending money on special foods, vitamins, protein powders and other random supplements, you will finally have expert guidance on what to buy and what you may be wasting money on that you don't need or might even be working against you and your health goals.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee Patient Satisfaction. You will experience satisfaction with our commitment to you, your improvement, and identifying and dealing with the root causes for your condition. If for any reason within your program of care you feel we did not live up to our promise, we will refund any and all UNUSED portions of your wellness curriculum.